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Filipino Community

On this page you can find a Toronto-based repository of mental health resources for the Filipino/a/x communities in York Centre and the wider communities across Toronto and Ontario.

Curated by Jomia Pangilinan (2021)

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On this page

Resources curated for the Filipino community facing challenges from the COVID-19 virus

Community Care Services and mental health resources for the Filipino/a/x communities

Encourage dialogue with trained professionals

COVID-19 Resources

Filipino Centre Toronto


Phone: 416-928-9355

Address: 4395 Sheppard Ave. E.

Free Health Clinic:

  • Every 2nd Saturday of the month (except Jan); starts Feb, Time 12 to 2 pm
  • Every 1st Monday of the month, 3:00 - 6:00 pm (By Appointment Only)
  • For those with OHIP, a Filipino family physician is available every 1st Monday of the month, 3:00 - 6:00 pm (By Appointment Only) Please call 41-928-9355
Usbong Kammunity (LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive)


LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive

Usbong is a community-led initiative that addresses food security amongst Filipina/x/s folks in Toronto, and fosters meaningful relationships with the land and Indigenous peoples.
Includes a seed and soil sharing program to promote food sovereignty & healing, and planting workshops.


Kapit Bisig (LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive)


Nationwide; has Toronto chapter

LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive

Kapit Bisig is a mutual aid network for Filipinos in Canada that formed in response to COVID-19. Their Toronto chapter provides food, PPE, essentials to members of the Filipino community.

Kababayan Multicultural Centre


A not-for-profit centre that serves newcomers and recently immigrated individuals and families. They offer a wide range of community programs for youth, women, and seniors; and newcomer-specific services.

Filipino Seniors


Phone: (647)-547-0752


They have information on housing, transportation, health care, etc. It also promotes upcoming events. There are two main working groups: Seniors in Action (SIA) and Scarborough Ontario Seniors Association (SOSA).

Scarborough Co-Op Market (LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive)



Instagram: @scarbcoopmarket


West Scarborough Neighbourhood Community Centre

313 Pharmacy Ave, M1L 3E7

LGBTQ2A+ Inclusive


Scarb Coop Market is a cooperative farmers market in Scarborough that prioritizes “Black and Indigenous suppliers, supporting farms with ethical labour and environmental practices, and offering a wide range of culturally specific products”. It is not for profit, and strives to make the market affordable and accessible to everyone.

Scarborough Village Community Garden


Phone: 416 266 2062

Address: 3630 Kingston Road

Food security and community building

Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities


Phone: (416) 642-9445


Physical, mental, emotional, financial and environmental wellness

Community Care Services

Settlement Support

Services that connect to self-guided resources and groups that can help with settlement goals prior and upon arrival in Canada

Targets Filipino/a/x who are anxious and lost in their life transition to Canada


  • West Neighbourhood House
  • Kababayan Centre (Flor Dandal, ED)
Peer-to-peer Support

Services that introduce Filipino/a/x to youth or peer-guided spaces

Features support groups, mental health healing spaces, peer mentorships in various settings not excluding academic and career development


  • Identity formation
  • Family reunification
  • Neurodiversity 
  • Depression, anxiety


  • Educ. workshops



Intergenerational Support

Services targeted to newcomer families that provide support, communication tools, and shared tasks, within intergenerational settings i.e., ethno-specific community spaces like religious settings


Youth Divorce Support

Services that provide a safe space for youth experiencing or who have experienced family separation/divorce, at-risk domesticities


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Recognition of settler relationship to the land

This is a living evergreen document for settlers on Turtle Island, particularly the Filipino/a/x groups based in Treaty 13 (Toronto) and Treaty 1 (Winnipeg) territories who are part of the Filipino Youth Fellowship. We do not hold ownership over the resources shared below, and are not meant to be a complete list of resources and/or actions. This document recognizes the different mechanisms in which mental health manifests in our daily lives, with ourselves, and with our communities. Thus, we continue to hold regard to the differences of resources that are at the necessity of COVID-19 context, trauma-informed, clinically-based, and those of healing spaces.