Proof of Full Vaccination Required at City-owned Recreation Facilities

The City announced that effective Wednesday, September 22, proof of full vaccination will be required at City-owned recreation facilities in accordance with the recently released provincial regulations.
Proof of vaccination and valid identification are required for many program participants, visitors and spectators entering indoor areas of fitness centres and weight rooms, arenas, pools, gymnasiums, sport and fitness programs, meeting and event spaces and theatres. This includes:
• Fitness centres, weight rooms and fitness classes for participants 12 years and older
• Organized sports, dance, martial arts and swimming programs for participants 18 years and older
• Spectators 12 years and older and their caregivers, and those 18 years and older accessing an indoor area used for sports and recreation fitness activities
Exemptions include:
• Children under 12 years old
• Youth spaces and youth general programs (e.g. arts, social programs)
• Adult and seniors general programs (e.g. arts, social programs)
• Patrons solely entering for washroom, showers and respite use
• Patrons under 18 years actively participating in organized sport
• Medical exceptions with a written document from a medical doctor or registered nurse
• Wedding ceremony or funeral service held at a meeting or event space
• Contractors, students, volunteers, coaches, officials and others entering for work purposes and not as patrons
• After-school recreation care (ARC) and Child care programs
Public health measures such as health screening, contact tracing, masking, physical distancing and capacity restrictions will continue.
Staff will be reaching out to permit users and tenants to inform them of the provincial requirements. Arena boards and indoor tennis clubs will continue to self-manage screening and verification process. Signage will be put up at each facility and information will go out over social media, as well as our website, to help communicate to patrons the requirements.
As we have done throughout the pandemic, we will continue to keep our staff and the public safe, while providing high quality recreational opportunities.

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