Basement Flooding Protection Program Sanitary and Storm Sewer Upgrades on Wilson Avenue and other local roads

Dear neighbours, our office received the following news from city staff:
The City of Toronto is modifying and upgrading the storm and sanitary sewer system in your area in order to reduce surface basement flooding from Winter 2023 until Summer 2025. This work also involves replacing the City-owned portion of substandard water services and sanitary sewer laterals. Work is planned on the following streets:

  • Banton Road
  • Bonnacord Drive
  • Brett Avenue
  • Clanton Park Road
  • Clanton Park Trail
  • Collinson Boulevard
  • Delhi Avenue
  • Delia Court
  • Edinburgh Drive
  • Erica Ave
  • Faywood Boulevard
  • Garratt Boulevard
  • King High Avenue
  • Laurelcrest Avenue
  • Midvale Road
  • Palm Drive
  • Ridley Boulevard
  • Southgate Avenue
  • Wendy Crescent
  • Westgate Boulevard
  • Wilson Avenue

The sanitary service lateral is the pipe connecting your home’s sewage plumbing to the City’s sewer. The water serviceis the underground pipe that brings water to your water meter and is owned by you and by the City. The part you own is from your house to the end of your property, the part the City owns is from the end of your property to the watermain.

This project is part of the Council-approved 2022 Basement Flooding Protection Program to improve the water distribution system; renew our aging infrastructure, and reduce the risk of sewer collapse or blockages that cause sewer backups and flooding.

To read the full notice and the type of work planned for your street, please download the file below:

If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate to contact my office by phone at 416-392-1371 or by email:

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