Councillor James Pasternak praises $200 million studio investment in Downsview

Downsview, Ontario, Canada.  Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak (York Centre, Ward 6) is expressing his support and excitement for the major world class film and television studio planned to be built on the Downsview Lands.  Councillor Pasternak is looking forward to working with the various ownership partners including Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board, and US – based Hackman Capital and the MBS Group.  

“This is a great news story that will bring jobs, the arts and economic activity to the Downsview community.  Film and television production is a growth industry for the present and the future and gives Canadian production companies and performers wonderful opportunities.   It is expected the studio will create 2,500 new jobs.  This is part of the long term plan for the Downsview Lands: bring soft industry and grow the parkland.”

“The arts industry has been devastated by the pandemic and this is a great opportunity for a recovery plan.  The people working at this site will support local businesses and we are confident local businesses will be able to supply products, services and catering to this this growing industry.  This is positive news for the Wilson Village and DUKE Heights Business Improvement Areas.”

“This is one step forward in replacing the soon to be departing Bombardier Aerospace facility which will be leaving in a couple of years with its employees.  The movie and television industry is neighbourhood friendly and will provide only benefits to the established community of Downsview.  A traffic management plan will be put in place for any new development in the area.”

Councillor Pasternak is looking forward to continued public engagement on the future of the Downsview Lands so that all voices are heard. 


For more information, please contact: Councillor James Pasternak, at or 416-392-1371

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