Councillor James Pasternak expresses his outrage at the harassment of a TDSB Trustee who spoke out against racism, antisemitism and the use of violence; Pasternak urges Trustees to vote against motion of “censure”

City of Toronto Councillor James Pasternak is shocked and dismayed that a capable and articulate Trustee at the Toronto District School Board is the subject of an investigation that amounts to no more than a witch hunt. Trustee Lulka was investigated for speaking out against racism and violence.

“It is totally outrageous that the Toronto District School Board would launch an investigation of Trustee Alexandra Lulka, an elected representative, who spoke out against the distribution of a document by the TDSB equity department. The document demonized Jews and Israel, and supplied links that support the use of violence and terrorism against Israeli Jews. Trustee Lulka must condemn racism in all its forms as should all elected officials.” 

“Making matters worse, the TDSB’s Office of the Integrity Commissioner has recommended in its 50-page report that the Board of Trustees pass a motion of censure against Trustee Lulka. This is absolutely absurd.  Trustees of all political stripes must vote down any such motion and work together to make the classroom a safe and nurturing place for everyone as well as promote the civility, diversity and respect that we all cherish. The Integrity Commissioner did acknowledge that the equity department sent out materials that in tone and content were antisemitic.

“This whole episode has been an embarrassment to the City of Toronto. Our city is known worldwide as a welcoming place for newcomers from every country and every faith, and cultural background.  The leadership at the TDSB must stand as one against the anti-Israel mob and not let school board property be used to recreate world conflict zones.”

Councillor Pasternak is urging Trustees to vote against any motion of censure, and to affirm Toronto as a welcoming and inclusive education system free of racism and demonization.

Contact: Councillor James Pasternak | | 416-392-1371

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