Statement on the Election of Our New Mayor

Tonight, voters have chosen Olivia Chow to be our new Mayor. I would like to congratulate Olivia on her victory and thank all the candidates who have put their name forward to fill the seat of the Head of Council in Canada’s largest city. I look forward to collaborating with our new Mayor to build upon the work that we have accomplished and to advance new ideas that would make meaningful positive change in the lives of Toronto residents.

Throughout the by-election cycle, topics such as improving city services, affordability, safety, transit, and traffic congestion have been among the issues relayed to all candidates by Torontonians from all corners of this city. While working with a deep financial shortfall and the limited resources because of it, we at the City have made and continue to make progress in all of these areas with more work clearly left to be done.

A change in the Mayor’s office is not new to me. Under the leadership of Mayors Rob Ford and John Tory, my representation for the voice of my constituents remained steadfast. Whether it be through securing affordable housing units to investing in parks and recreation or through the establishment of an array of traffic calming measures, a shift in this city’s leadership hasn’t altered my commitments toward my constituents in York Centre and the responsibility that I have been entrusted with.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the hardworking staff in our Clerks department for successfully carrying out the election. Thank you to the election volunteers for your dedication and support, and last but not least, thank you to all who went out to cast a ballot.

I once again welcome Olivia Chow as our new Mayor, I look forward to our future substantive discussions.

James Pasternak
City Councillor for Ward 6 – York Centre
Chair, North York Community Council
Chair, General Government Committee

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