Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak condemns the disinformation, antisemetic conspiracy theories and hate espoused during “Israeli Apartheid Week”

City of Toronto Councillor James Pasternak is calling on the leadership at post-secondary institutions to stop providing publicly-funded space and enabling the annual “Israeli Apartheid Week” and perpetuating antisemitism.

“Once again, hate is coming to Toronto campuses. I continue to call out the anti-Israel mob and their blatant disregard for the values of respect, tolerance, and diversity,” says Councillor Pasternak.

“This event singles out the world’s only Jewish state. This gathering represents the worst of Toronto. It is malicious discourse that appropriates the suffering under the old apartheid regime in South Africa to demonize the state of Israel and its supporters. They use the fig leaf of freedom of speech and the façade of academia to advance a preposterous analogy of the Israel-Palestinian question, the history of the old apartheid regime in South Africa, and the nature of Israeli society. This group disguises antisemetic tropes and historical revisionism under the banner of human rights,” says Councillor Pasternak.

“Our city should not provide space to groups that divide us. I continue to call on all public and other institutions to stop standing by idly and take action against this group. We must root out intolerance and demonization, and by doing so we affirm our commitment to an inclusive city we call Toronto.”

– End –

Councillor James Pasternak
Toronto – Ward 6, York Centre

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