Modernizing Bike Share: Longer rides, #Bikes4All, alignment with ActiveTO, and more!

Following Councillor James Pasternak’s request, we are thrilled to announce that the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) voted to implement a pilot project for a 45-minute annual membership for a one (1) year period starting on July 1st, 2021.
In response to TPA working on providing an equitable program to make Bike Share more affordable to low in-come residents, Councillor Pasternak said: “Providing a low cost, barrier free option for low-income users is most welcome.  The study of a potential low cost annual pass options can play a great role in promoting access and equity.”

More exciting news!

In 2020, Bike Share Toronto had its biggest year since the program began! The system expanded from 465 stations to 625 stations, including an addition of 1,850 bikes in our city. We had a record-breaking number of rides with 2.9 million trips!

As part of the City’s Covid-19 pandemic response, Transportation Services implemented the ActiveTO program in the summer of 2020. This involved closing major roads for active transportation. ActiveTO massively increased Bike Share ridership by 85% compared to 2019. We will bring back the program again in summer 2021 and offer it in new parts of the city.

Toronto Parking Authority integrated Presto technology into Bike Share Operations to improve the connectivity of our transit system. Right now, everyone can buy a pass on the Presto app, website or kiosk station using a credit card. Toronto Parking authority is working to offer Tap & Go technology at its stations in the future.
TPA also signed a three (3)-year contract with Bell Media (Astral), securing funding for the next Bike Share expansion.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning software, Bike Share is improving its bike rebalancing operation, by reducing the number of empty and full stations.

Toronto Parking Authority is also collaborating with their business partners to further improve their PBSC/CycleFinder app and deliver an easier and more efficient customer service experience. New upcoming updates will better bike station location finder and trip planning capabilities. Not only that, but TPA will hire more people to strengthen the Bike Share team and to support these amazing initiatives!

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